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ht3xmqep This trailer really spoils the movie. @idiosyncraticidiot Thanks! I think I'm going to rent it from the library. It looks really good. =) At times I feel like it's become forgotten in the midst of Coppola's other films from the 70s.  https://ameblo.jp/seiheido/entry-12440959484.html i just watched this. i'm very picky with movies, especially when they explain everything and leave nothing up to your own intuition. In that sense, this movie is one of the best movies i have ever seen. Masterpiece, and art. There's a lot left up to the mind and a lot of symbolism and character development that is all shown, not told. I legitimately whispered 'wow' towards the end..

Do you have the rest?




don't watch the whole trailer if you don't want to whole movie given away!

You bet! I've seen it a dozen times. It's one of the all time greats as far as I'm concerned. I first saw it in the cinema about 30 years ago and found it very disturbing then. It still packs a punch today. The music and the sound are brilliant. Sound editor: Walter Murch, who did a lot of work with Coppola. A real genius and a very interesting guy too. I went to a lecture at the NFT once with Murch, and realised then just how much this film owes to him..

Although i watched the whole movie, I found it a little difficult for me to watch 'cause of its pacing. I guess it has something to do with my generation's attention span. lol. But I really liked how the film makes you really think about its concepts and what it can do to people. And yes like someone said in previous post, the hotel scene did scared the crap out of me too. .

Was Enemy of the State inspired from this film? This is my favorite..


@lexmark136 u got burned...??? at least you admit your STD's...bwaaaahahahahahah...PWND...!!!



I was a child in this era, and could not understand what happened to movies. Twas a bizarre shift that seemed sudden. 

Same year as Chinatown and the Godfather II







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